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Physicians Healthcare

Care for Elderly in Massachusetts - Find Local Elder Care Services at ElderCareLink.com
Physicians Healthcare – Quincy, Massachusetts

At Physicians Healthcare we provide your loved ones with first-rate health care in the comfortable and secure surroundings of their own home. Our specially designed clinical programs use nurses, doctors, and rehabilitation therapists to accommodate your specific needs

nationwide network of Physicians

Physicians and Other Health Professionals Who Make Housecalls Nationwide
Dochousecall.US/MDonhousecall.net is a nationwide network of Physicians & Health Care professionals with various specialties dedicated to contribute further to a better quality of life of patients by making house calls to your home and your home away from home in the old tradition using up to date evidence-based medical therapeutics.

House Calls to the Elderly -- A Vanishing Practice

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121897 House Calls to the Elderly -- A Vanishing Practice Among ...
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by GS MEYER - 1997 - Cited by 79 - Related articles
Copyright © 1997 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved. .... scale, the reimbursement for a physician's house call ... Specialties of Physicians Making House Calls to Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries. Because 1683 house calls ...

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MD at Home

Inn House DoctorMD at Home - Services
Our Services

Physician Home Visits
Full mobile lab
Physical Examinations
Wound care/lacerations
Decubitus wound care
Consultative Examinations
Mental Status opinions and Affidavits
Pulmonary Function Testing
Tracheostomy tube changes

Gastrostomy tube changes
Fracture care
Customized Services

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Inn House Doctor

Inn-House Doctor Home Page
Hotel Room/ Home Visits
Diagnosis & Treatment
No Forms to Fill Out
24/ 7 Service
No Crowded E.R. Rooms
No Waiting
24-Hour Dental (Boston)
File a Claim Instructions

In home doctors

Lincona Medical Associates, LTD.
Lincona Medical Associates, LTD.

Chicago Area Mobile Urgent Care

Mobile Doctors, Chicago Doctor House Calls in Chicago, IL
Our mobile doctors make house calls in Chicago and the suburbs. We offer pediatric medical services and urgent medical care throughout Chicago and outlying suburbs. If you are in need of child or adult medical care and treatment, express house calls, or urgent care please contact us right away.

Visiting Physicians Association®

Our services include but are not limited to:

Comprehensive review of your medical history, physical examinations and ongoing treatment of your medical condition
Medication management and medication refills
State-of-the-art laboratory services and portable diagnostic testing performed in the comfort of your home
Referral to physical therapy and specialized rehabilitation services
Coordination of all home care services and medical equipment
Community placement consultations
Physician review for authorizations:
Home health authorizations
Medical equipment authorizations
Diagnostic testing authorizations