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Who would come to take your place in a crisis | emergency

What would you do if you had a crisis and had to leave in an ambulance in the middle of the night?

Who take your place to help your/our loved ones?

I have have a plan "b" in a closed plastic file folder with compartments in my car. It has our POA's, medical stuff, and health care proxy. I have also sent copies of POA and med proxies to the local hospitals' medical records.

Here is a early copy of the plan-B document {medial information for responders} which is in a "File of Life" folder.

Medic Information for responders

Our phone number:
Our home address:
Emergency call 911
Preferred Hospital:
Local hospital:
MedicAlert Services (med information) 800 432 5378
caregiver ID xxxxxxxxxxxxx ALZ Safe Return ID SRxxxxxxxx
In-Home Health Services Provider:
Insurance: Medicare & Medx (BXBS) Medex phone 800 678 2265
Housebound 's name
DOB MO/Day/Year
PCP; Dr name/phone/location
Alzheimer’s; Dr name/phone/location
Current medications: {list of meds and instructions}
My name:
PCP: Dr name/phone/location
Current medications: {list of meds and instructions}
Individuals to call to come in response to emergency
{FIRST CALL} name,phone, location
{Immediately call} Home Instead  508 393 8838
(if you can’t get first person others: possible calls)
list of trusted people.
other contacts:
Dentist :
Individual holding Durable Power of Attorneys: {holders names and their contact information}
Records (directives etc) on file at Family Attorney  Contact information: