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Caregiver Resource Directory: Online Version from Net of care

Caregiver Resource Directory (Online Version) - NetofCare
The Caregiver Resource Directory is a practical guide that includes much of the information available on this site, while also offering a way to organize materials and information.

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers | UK

One in 10 people in the UK are carers - looking after a loved-one who is sick, disabled, suffering from a mental health problem or an addiction - some carers are as young as five years old. What carers have in common is the selflessness to put their family members needs before their own, but they face an on-going life of isolation, ill-health and poverty.

A lifeline for hundreds of thousands of carers across the UK.

For 20 years, The Princess Royal Trust for Carers has been fighting to provide carers with the support they so desperately need. The Trust understands that few of us plan to become carers, so when a caring role starts, every carer needs an expert to guide them through the maze of services, rules and entitlements. For a carer, this can make the difference between keeping and losing their job, or between staying healthy and collapsing under the stress.

At the heart of The Trust is a unique network of 144 independently-managed Carers' Centres, 89 young carers' services and interactive websites (www.carers.org and www.youngcarers.net) which deliver around the clock support to over 424,000 carers and approximately 25,000 young carers. Today we are the largest provider of carer support in the UK offering unique and innovative services.

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E-learning: The Open Dementia Programme

SCIE e-learning: Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) 2010 training module
E-learning: The Open Dementia Programme

Published: 2009

The Open Dementia e-Learning Programme is aimed at anyone who comes into contact with someone with dementia and provides a general introduction to the disease and the experience of living with dementia. This programme is designed to be accessible to a wide audience and to make learning as enjoyable as possible and so allows users to fully interact with the content and includes video, audio and graphics to make the content come alive. In particular the programme includes a considerable amount of new video footage shot by both the Alzheimer’s Society and SCIE where people with dementia and their carers share their views and feelings on camera.