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Smoothe Foods - Links

Smoothe Foods - Links

They love to provide you with tools to help keep you informed on progress and resources for various conditions. See links below. These organizations do not endorse products.



Smoothe Foods Goals: Our goal is to provide so many positive outcomes.

  • Educate individuals, caregivers, and professionals - How to realize when someone can benefit from Smoothe foods due to swallowing issues thus avoiding malnutrition, dehydration and even pain. Also determine when Smoothe Foods can provide nutrition when someone experiences poor digestive functions or chewing sensitivity due to dental issues.

  • Nutritious, All Natural & Delicious High Quality Meals for better health - An alternative to sugar laden shakes, baby food and powdered or canned food. Just because you cannot eat regular food doesn’t mean you can't have good, healthy meals.

  • Convenience  - The meals are convenient to prepare – just heat & eat!

  • Peace of mind  - Offering great meals for nutritional and emotio

  • Caregiver Daily Log

    Caregiver Daily Log

    If you've hired your caregiver privately, unless you provide an easy-to-use form the chances that your caregiver will consistently make note of what you need and want to know is slim. Some families ask their caregivers to record notes in a loose-leaf or spiral notebook, but without guidance about what to record, these notes tend to become shorter and shorter as time goes by.
    The Caregiver Daily Log form is available for you to download and use. Remember to save it to your computer in a place you can remember. Print one two-sided sheet per caregiver per day. The easiest way to keep them organized for your caregiver(s) is to use a three-hole punch and keep them in a three-ring binder.

    "Advocates for Patient Friendly Hospitals"

    "Advocates for Patient Friendly Hospitals" 

     "Patient Freindly Hospitals"
    All-inclusive discussion of patient focused practices. Conversations concerning the many needs of patients who are strangers to hospitals, emergency departments, emergency rooms and the mind boggling array of inpatient and outpatient orginization.

    Healthcare professionals can't respond with patient focused care unless they are trained and their organization has a common guidelines how to manage patient confusion, fear, cognitive issues and finding their way around the hospital.

    Create A Better Day Café will be held the 4th Sunday of each month from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

    Create A Better Day Café
    Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer's or other dementia?  Create A Better Day Café encourages socialization with other caregivers and loved ones where you can just be yourself. This is a wonderful opportunity to get out with your loved one and have an enjoyable afternoon.  It's a time to step out of the daily routine, leave the disease at the door, and enjoy a positive experience in a supportive environment.  The afternoon will consist of conversation, music, arts, games, refreshments, and most importantly, laughter. There is no cost.  It is open to anyone at any stage of the disease process accompanied by friends, family, and loved ones.
    Our Next Café is
    November 24th, 2013
    1:00pm to 3:00pm 
    Create A Better Day Café will be held the 4th Sunday of each month from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
    at Pleasantries Adult Day Services 195 Reservoir Street
     Marlborough, MA. 
    Call Tammy for more information at 508-481-0809
    Due to possible cancellation from inclement weather or illness, please call prior to attending   and listen to voice message

    How to Widen a Doorway • Ron Hazelton Online

    How to Widen a Doorway • Ron Hazelton Online • DIY Ideas & Projects: Learn how widen a doorway; includes details on inspection holes, removing wall coverings and installing new framing.

    Related Project
    In the course of widening this doorway, some damaged flooring was exposed.  view a video that shows how that situation was handled.

    Palliative Care Services: Support For the Entire Family | Griswold

    Palliative Care Services: Support For the Entire Family | Griswold: Caring For More Than Just the Patient
    Palliative care services are also not focused solely on the patient. The palliative care team understands the important role that family members and friends play in the recovery and comfort of the patient. Part of the services offered include dealing with the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and family. A chronic or life threatening illness can take a heavy emotional toll. The palliative care team will help reduce the stress of the family caretakers.

    Costs are always a concern when it comes to medical issues. As most palliative care takes place in a hospital or nursing home, for the most part it is typically covered by insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. If payment is an issue, a palliative care team member can help determine which payment options are best for you.

    Palliative care teams understand the stresses that you and your family face. The anxiety, fatigue, depression, and pain that can become part of coping with a chronic illness do not have to become the center of everyone’s attention and the focus of their energy. For an older adult with a serious or chronic disease, palliative care can add an additional layer of support and care for the patient and family members.

    Dementia: How to Protect Your Family Member in a Nursing Home | Alzheimer's Speaks Blog

    Dementia: How to Protect Your Family Member in a Nursing Home | Alzheimer's Speaks Blog: Key Points When Choosing a Home

    When you’re looking at different nursing homes, there are different things to look at and consider. By taking a look at these points, you’ll know exactly what kind of a home that your loved one is living at.

    · You should start by checking out the Nursing Home Compare program provided by the Medicare website. This online programs allow you to view if they have any recent penalties, what they scored on their last inspection, and how they rate in comparison to other nursing homes in the area.

    · Look at the staffing. Especially if your loved one is diagnosed with dementia—they are going to be in need of constant care. Look at the ratio of aid to patients on the nursing home compare website. Ask the employees how often they switch patients. You can also find this information on the Nursing Home Compare website. You’re paying the money—make sure you are getting what you ask for.

    Training & Workshop Schedule | SBDC | Clark University

    Training & Workshop Schedule | SBDC | Clark University: Your First Business Plan

    Thursday, November 21, 2013
    8:45 – 12 noon
    Grace Conference Room, Higgins University Center

    This next program covers a topic that is critically important with the start-up process of a small business and can also be beneficial to existing businesses that may be ready to expand. After you have proven the feasibility of your concept, limited your risk, analyzed your financials, and developed a marketing plan – how do you package all of this information together so you can really get your business started?
    Our team of expert advisors enjoy working with people who are ready to get their businesses started. Developing a winning business plan can be invaluable as a management planning tool and or as a loan proposal. The business plan becomes the blueprint that an entrepreneur can follow to avoid the pitfalls that await every small business owner. This program is designed to guide the participants on a step by step journey to develop a thorough and comprehensive Business Plan.

    Topics that will be included are:
    • What a banker looks for in a business plan
    • Defining the business
    • Describing the target markets
    • The marketing/advertising program
    • Projected balance sheets
    • Projected income statements
    • Projected cash flow projections