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IKOR of Greater Columbus: How to choose an aide/caregiver/unlicensed personnel

  • Who will be providing oversight? 
  • Who will conduct the background search to make sure this person does not have a criminal past? 
  • What happens if this person gets injured on the job? Are YOU willing
    to pay for workers comp insurance so the person does not try to sue you
    or your loved one if injured while caregiving? 
  • Will you document the care for tax reasons? Bills can add up quickly
    and can make a big difference during tax time if you can write off the
    expenses, or not write them off if you are not tracking expenses. 
  • What about other insurance and bonds to protect your loved one that is provided by reputable agencies. 
  • Again- not all agencies have these protections in place, make sure you do your due diligence!