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Save that old cell phone to call for help/911

Back in December 1997, all cellular telephones rule changes required call phone devices to have carrier network access to make unlimited FREE 911 calls.

So if you have an cell phone and no account you can still call 911
You MUST Keep your battery charged!

Calling 911n is simple
Turn on/Power up the phone.
Dial 911.
Press send and you will be connected immediately with the emergency dispatcher for 911.


I had heard of this but just Googled to see if it is true.

I have a couple of old cell phones that I dropped the phone service.

Now I am going to charge them up in case our regular phone service is out.

You can buy 911 only cell phones but they are expensive. Yes they have one button like an medalert buton.

. That old cell phone could be a life line.