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Dementia friendly communities - Alzheimer's Society UK

Dementia friendly communities  Alzheimer's Society UK

We have launched a new programme focused on improving the inclusion and quality of life of people with dementia. Our dementia friendly communities programme is part of the Prime Ministerial challenge on dementia and supported by the Department of Health. It aims to support and encourage the creation and development of dementia friendly communities.

The Society is committed to campaigning to improve health and social care, but we know many people with dementia face wider challenges in terms of isolation, anxiety and exclusion. Dementia is becoming part of life for increasing numbers of families, with 1 in 3 older people developing the condition. In response to this challenge, many communities are beginning to think about the involvement and inclusion of people with dementia.
What are dementia friendly communities?

Dementia friendly communities are villages, towns, cities and organisations who are working to challenge misunderstandings about dementia. Dementia friendly communities seek to improve the ability of people with dementia to remain independent and have choice and control over their lives.