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Stressed Anyone?

Stressed Anyone?
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Stressed Anyone?

Beat stress with our simple S.T.R.E.S.S. management Tips Stressed-Anyone A flat tyre when you are already running 20 minutes late for office – stress; not able to meet deadlines – more stress; pile-on friends coming over on weekdays – stress + grump…. there couldn’t be enough reasons to avoid this unwanted condition of getting stressed every now and then. To be honest, no one can control the “causes” of stress but yes, can learn to deal with the metal exhaustion it creates.
Try to follow the simple things, make certain lifestyle changes, and be a happy person all along!!

S.T.R.E.S.S. Management Tips

S – Sleep: In today’s time, getting enough sleep is not an easy and simple thing to find. A peaceful eight hours sleep is something a lot of people crave for and can be a cause of impending stress. Caffeine, alcohol, heavy and greasy food causes indigestion and interfere with sound sleep. Setting a routine bed time, a glass of warm milk, no television in bedroom, and washing your feet just before getting in the bed will definitely aid in a blissful slumber.
T – Time Management: A planned and organised day well in advance saves a lot of stress. Maintain an organiser to avoid forgetting important things and stuff to do. Priorities your daily chores, do first things first. Keep time slots for the day’s work and stick to it.
R – Rest and relax: Incorporate some relaxation ideas into your day. Watching your favourite TV show or reading a book, even listening to music helps in a big way. Take up a hobby or just sit by the window chatting with friends. Anything that you like doing will do the trick and ease off the mental pressure.
E – Exercise: Nothing can beat exercising in relieving stress. A good work out session post office hours will take away all the gloom and stress by surging the adrenaline rush which will make you feel good and happy. And with all that working out, the compliments that you receive will add to your de-stressing.
S – Smile more: Smiling always makes things easier in life and comes for free too!! When you smile often, you see more faces around you smiling back in response. That definitely feels great and you feel little less stressed.
S – Simplify life: Make life simple. Don’t complicate it by trying to do everything all by yourself.

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Chris Cooper and Company - Managing the Cost of Terminal Illness, Part 3: Consider Palliative Care

Chris Cooper and Company - Managing the Cost of Terminal Illness, Part 3: Consider Palliative Care:

What Is Palliative Care? Written by Chris Cooper, CFP® | 18 March 2013

Palliative care is an approach to medical treatment that involves taking steps to relieve pain and improve quality of life for people with serious illnesses (such as AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease). Unlike hospice care, which is specifically for people who are close to death, palliative care is for anyone with a serious illness. And it doesn't take the place of more traditional treatments—it simply offers additional services (such as help with pain, insomnia, nausea or other symptoms) in coordination with traditional care. Typically, it involves a team approach, with doctors, nurses, social workers/counselors, and perhaps even clergy members and nutritionists working together to help the patient. Palliative care considers a patient's physical health along with their emotional and spiritual needs.

While the term palliative care is relatively new, this approach to treatment has actually been around for decades and is offered by many hospitals. And there's evidence that patients who receive this type of care enjoy better quality of life. One study found that people who had advanced lung cancer and received palliative care lived longer and required less chemotherapy and hospitalization.