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DIY Feces And Diarrhea Stain Removal from carpet and Upholstery

Clean off the feces or diarrhea, or urine, as possible.

For a diarrhea stain cover with an absorbent, such as cornstarch or baking soda and let it soak in
Vacuum up the cornstarch or baking soda.You may need to repeat this step.

Make a solution of  cool water,  a little dishwashing liquid, and white vinegar.

Using this attack the stain.

Repeat  until the stains are removed.
Rinse carefully with plain cold water then dry.

If this does not completely remove the stain apply 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stained. Test this stain removal method in an inconspicuous area to make sure it does not cause harm.

Carefully rinse with plain cold water {cloth and sponge on upholstery} then dry.