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The MedCottage, also nicknamed "the Granny pod",

Where to put elderly parents - National Green Living | Examiner.com: The MedCottage, also nicknamed "the Granny pod", is similar to a three-room apartment but it is equipped like a hospital room. Its water, electric and sewage systems work off the caregiver's home. It has a kitchenette and laundry facilities and comes in three sizes, 288 square feet, 299 square feet, or 605 square feet. The kitchen has a small refrigerator, microwave, and medication dispenser. One wall has a first-aid kit and even a defibrillator machine. There are safety rails, the bathroom is handicapped accessible, and there are three built-in cameras with one in the ceiling over the kitchen area and one in the floor to provide alerts of falls in the unit. Read the Washington Post article for more pictures of the unit and the story of the first occupant of one.

Smart robotic features monitor vital signs, filter air contaminants, and communicate with the outside world. Computers prompt with medication reminders and sensors alert caregivers of problems like the occupant falling and needing help. There are entertainment options for music, literature and watching movies. The state law in Virginia, where they originated, classified them a few years ago as “temporary family health-care structures.” They may not be legal in some states, so get them pre-approved first before buying one.