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Stephanie Z's link list

Stephanie D Zeman MSN RN
This is an updated list of links about information care givers will need. Most helpful will be "Understanding the dementia experience" which will give you an idea of what your LO is going through; and "Communication skills" Which will help you to communicate in ways which will avoid or decrease her negative behaviors.

It is also important for you to use the 800 number at the National Alz. Assoc. if you run into problems we can't help with. The 24/7 Helpline is: 1.800.272.3900

Here are some very helpful links on dementia care:

Guide to diagnosing and treating dementia


Anosognosia explains why dementia patients are unaware that they are ill:


Understanding the dementia experience


Communication Skills:


Selecting a home health caregiver:


Elder abuse and neglect:


Bathing and Showering


Help with dental care (PDF fine from Aust. Alz. Ass.)


How to determine if your LO has pain. Use the Pain Scale:


Picking at skin/scabs


Sexual Consent Guidelines Weinberg Center and Hebrew Home


Finding a Memory Care Unit:

When you start to look at nursing homes or ALFs, begin with a call to your local AD chapter and get a list in your area.

You can also go to: Guide to retirement living

http://www.retirement-living.com/ where you will get free information on nursing homes in your area.

Then go to the government site called Nursing Home Compare and get the results of their last surveys so you can get some idea of the quality of their care.


Also, when you select some, Google them along with the word lawsuit to see if there are or were any significant problems that crop up.

Do select at least 3 to look at. DO NOT expect them to look like an ALF. The decor will be less attractive, but in a good nursing home with a dementia unit, the care will be much better.

Once you have picked one, you will want to visit at least 3 times. Once during meals to see what the residents are eating (see if you can eat there as well), once on the evening shift, and once during activities to see how many people attend or have other things of interest available to do.


Twenty Common Nursing Home Problems and How to Solve Them.


Urinary infections in people with dementia


Eating problems


Caregiver kitchen


Australian Site: Nutrition Matters – Finger Foods:


Hope this helps Stephanie Z