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Renting a Stairlift for short periods

Renting a Stairlift for the Holidays | The Intentional Caregiver: Renting a Stairlift for the Holidays

courtesy of depositphotos.com

Christmas is an exciting time, filled with giving presents and simply being together as a family. You want to be able to enjoy the time spent with family and friends and not spend valuable family time worrying about mobility issues.

If you have become less able in recent years, or if you are caregiving for someone who has, it is understandable that you may not have the same holiday cheer you once had. You may find going to visit family and friends a chore as you or your care recipient struggle to climb up their staircase. You may feel like you will be a burden if you or your loved one cannot move freely around their home. You do not want your family to have to work their Christmas plans around any lack of mobility so you may suggest you will stay at home.

What most people do not realise is that if you can rent a stairlift for the holidays! A mobility lift is the perfect answer to all your mobility needs during the busy Christmas period. Perhaps your children live far away and you would like to stay with them before Christmas until the New Year.

Features of typical rental lifts include:
  • Brand new rail and fully reconditioned seat
  • Comfortable padded seating and back rest
  • Fold up seat, arms and foot rest
  • Remote controls
  • Battery powered
  • Directional paddle switches
  • Digital diagnostic display
  • Safety sensors