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Learning a few Basics of AlzHeimer's Disease

confabulating "confabulating At its simplest, people who confabulate provide information, or act based on information, that is obviously false. These people are genuinely unaware that the information is wrong." ~ ALZcarer

Denial ? No: it is anosognosia
"A lack of awareness of impairment, not knowing that a deficit or illness exists, in memory or other function is called anosognosia. The term anosognosia refers to brain cell changes that lead to a lack of self-awareness. Many Alzheimer's patients appear to be in denial ... actually, they have anosognosia, and do not realize that they have problems."

Jennifer Ghent-Fuller's article, "Understanding the Dementia Experience": "Alzheimer Disease and other dementia's slowly steal all memories and abilities that have been learned since infancy - a process of progressive, permanent amnesia."

"All dementia's are characterized by progressive brain failure due to brain cell deterioration and brain cell death. All dementia's are fatal illnesses. As the brain deteriorates, the person's ability, understanding and behavior go through many changes. "

Jolene Brackey's book, "Creating Moments of Joy"" is great -- full of very practical, simple advice on how to make our loved ones feel loved, happy, and safe: So often it is difficult to find the ways a person with Alzheimer’s wants to be cared for because they lose the ability to communicate. The question to ask the children when the person cannot answer is, “How was love expressed in your family growing up?"

Naomi Feil's "validation therapy"

"Validation is a method of communicating with and helping disoriented very old people. It is a practical way of working that helps reduce stress, enhance dignity and increase happiness. Validation is built on an empathetic attitude and a holistic view of individuals. When one can "step into the shoes" of another human being and "see through their eyes," one can step into the world of disoriented very old people and understand the meaning of their sometimes bizarre behavior."

Alzheimer's...There IS hope.Alzheimer's care known as habilitation
A form of caregiving, championed by internationally recognized expert Joanne Koenig Coste, is significantly improving the lives of Alzheimer patients and their families. Since 1973 she has been advocating a compassionate and common sense approach to Alzheimer's care. Habilitation uses easy techniques to help people with the disease and their carepartners on the journey through Alzheimer's.

Healthcare Professionals!Learning to Speak Alzheimer's Guide to a complete in-service training program and LTSA Certificate of Completion