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Confabulation: Honest Lying paper on The Alzheimer's Compendium

Confabulation: Honest Lying » Alzheimer's Compendium
spontaneous confabulation in the Alzheimer’s patient … that is exactly what our loved ones do, more and more, as the disease progresses and they live more and more in the past. And while provoked confabulations are a major annoyance in the early stages — when friends, family, and the medical community take everything our loved ones say at face value, no matter how false we know their statements to be — spontaneous confabulations become a far greater concern in the later stages, because spontaneous confabulations are much more likely to be acted upon by the loved one."

"Approaches that can be used to cope with spontaneous confabulation, and ease the confusion, frustration, and fear for the loved one, can be found in resources such as:

Jennifer Ghent-Fuller’s paper “Understanding the Dementia Experience”

Jolene Brackey’s book, Creating Moments of Joy

Naomi Feil’s “validation therapy”

The Savvy Caregiver training program



Layers of memories separated in time Photographic double exposures

You are you but also a long dead sister or a half-remembered husband maybe partially a grandkid

Or maybe you are mostly the long dead sister.
She is at home or maybe in another place –Her last home or one from many years ago

She is a child or there are children to be taken care of, One of them may be you

A Kaleidoscope of images from whole lives Jumbled together

~ Anonymous Caregiver