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Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline

Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis and ...
Group Health Cooperative
Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline. 1 ..... Guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist patients and providers in .... new and challenging mental activities, such as a language or musical instrument. .... Many different tools are available for assessing cognitive function.
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Group Health Cooperative is a member-governed, nonprofit health care system that coordinates care and coverage. Founded in 1947 and based in Seattle, Wash., Group Health and its subsidiary health carriers, Group Health Options, Inc. and KPS Health Plans, serve more than 600,000 residents of Washington and North Idaho.

"Care Transitions for the Home Care Industry." Ankota software

Chronic Care Management Services:
Here's the deal...  Physicians are starting to be incentivized (and penalized) for their performance with respect to their chronic patients, but there's a reimbursement associated with it. The reimbursement is for patients with two or more chronic conditions in a practice with a certified EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system.  The reimbursement has two levels. The first level, reimbursed at $42/month, requires a 20 minute check-in (e.g., on the phone) with the patient.  The second, reimbursed at almost $100, requires telehealth.

Home care agencies can put a program in place where your best aides are paid $10 for a 20 minute check-in call. If you charge $32 for this service (leaving a $10 margin for the referring practice) and allocate some of the revenue to your staff nurses and for software, you can provide a great service  and make a reasonable margin. Care Transitions Services: You can provide services to help transition patients from hospital to home.  Most hospitals are now being penalized for excessive readmissions   These hospitals can use your help and there are many benefits to your agency.  We have a new white paper  to teach you about the numerous benefits that your home care agency can achieve.
 At Ankota, we love providing home care software, telephony, care plans, scheduling, billing, payroll and all the other basics, but we really love that we can enable your agency to play a broader role in the future oh health care.  We can make a difference together.  Please download our newest free white paper "Why Care Transitions is the Next Big Thing for the Home Care Industry."
About Ankota Ankota provides software to improve the delivery of care outside the hospital, focusing on efficiency and care coordination.