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Questions to Ask When Your Aging Parent is Discharged from the Hospital - eCaring Forum

 Questions to Ask When Your Aging Parent is Discharged from the Hospital
Posted on September 9, 2013 by Melody Wilding

If your parent is returning home after discharge, be prepared with this comprehensive list of questions to ask the discharge planner. 
About your loved one’s health condition:
  • Please explain the diagnosis at discharge.
  • What milestones and setbacks can we expect during recovery?
  • What follow-up appointments are needed and with whom? Who is scheduling them?
  • Where will these appointments take place? At home? In the office?
  • Who can I call with questions?
  • What types of health care services have been prescribed? (physical therapy, home health service)
  • How long are these services needed for?
  • Who is paying for them?
About scheduling:
  • What date and time will my loved one be discharged?
  • How do you suggest the transfer to the home be made (car, taxi, ambulance)? Is an escort necessary?
About the home environment:
  • What equipment will we need in the home? (hospital bed, oxygen tank, wheelchair, bedside commode)
  • Can you demonstrate how to use equipment we are unfamiliar with?
  • Who pays for this equipment?
  • How do reorder supplies and who do we call with problems?
About providing care:
  • What type of supervision and level of personal care will my loved one need?
  • Can you or the appropriate person teach me techniques for skills I need to perform such as giving injections or changing dressings?
  • What, if any, special dietary restrictions does my loved one have?
About medications:
  • What medication has been prescribed?
  • What side effects are associated with these medications? (falls, confusion, nausea)

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 Questions to Ask When Your Aging Parent is Discharged from the Hospital - eCaring Forum: